Mission Statement and Philosophy

Mission Statement

The mission of Kiddie Kampus is to provide excellence in childcare for the Watertown community. Our program focuses on meeting the needs of the individual child in a loving, nurturing, safe, and stimulating environment that provides a foundation for learning.

We also seek to do the following:

  • To support our parents in their teaching of Christian values related to honesty, character, obedience, and other biblical virtues
  • To provide those pursuing a degree in Early Childhood Education a venue to learn how to excel in the Early Childhood field
  • To be a valuable community resource to area property owners and businesses


The staff at Kiddie Kampus seeks to offer an early childhood program that fosters the development of the whole child (physically, socially, emotionally, intellectually, artistically). Kiddie Kampus uses the Wisconsin Model Early Learning Standards to create a common language for communicating expectations for young children’s growth and learning. This sets the stage for the development of appropriate curriculum and assessment practices. We use an integrated approach to both child-directed and teacher-directed activities. We believe that every child has unique needs and abilities and learns at his or her own developmentally appropriate level. Children learn best by observing and by doing; therefore, we desire to give children as many hands-on or concrete activities as possible. We believe that play is the brain’s favorite way of learning. We try to work with the child’s interests, while carefully guiding the child into new areas of interest as well.

We firmly believe that all children need the opportunity to enhance their sense of identity and to develop a positive self-image. With group care, children have the opportunity to interact with both peers and adults, learning to accept individual differences. We are able to encourage the development of social skills through self-expression, communication skills with others, problem solving, and making good choices. Children are taught to express their feelings, as well as to care for the feelings of others; they are taught to be thoughtful of the belongings of others and to care for the environment.

It is our intention to respect the cultural diversity of the children enrolled in our program through the incorporation of their language, foods, celebrations, and life-styles. Recognizing traditions, special holidays through art, books, music, games, and activities are a part of your child’s learning experience.