Tuition & Fees

Full time: up to 45 hoursFees 1
Part time: up to 20 hours

Registration fees: $60 per child or $75 per family


Fee Schedule 2017-2018FT/PT StatusFeesExtended HoursHourly
Infant Toddler ProgramFull time$224$7.60$8.10
Part time$136
Two Year Program Full time non-potty trained$197$7.35$7.85
Full time potty trained$191
Part time $119
Three Year ProgramFull time$179
Part time $114
Four/Five Year ProgramFull time $169$6.85$7.35
Part time $107
Before and After School During School YearWeekly$57NA$7.10
Early release daysadditional $15.25
No school daysadditional $20.25
School-age Summer ProgramFull time $169$6.85$7.10
Part time $107

Anything over 20 hours for part-time or 45 hours for full-time will result in the extended hourly fees.