Kiddie Kradle (6 Weeks – One Year)

Kiddie Kradle Page

Kiddie Kradle, often referred to as the “Baby House,” is separated from the main building to provide a quiet, home-like atmosphere for our infants. To provide the constant care and interaction that children need at this age, our highly trained teachers spend every day loving, cuddling, and nurturing our babies. Kiddie Kradle provides a safe, loving environment where the children feel secure and loved.

Teachers work to support and celebrate each child’s individual milestones. Knowing that every child develops at a different rate, our focus is always on the individual child as opposed to only seeing the children as a group.

Parent-teacher communication is vital as we partner with you in caring for your child. The teachers provide a daily sheet telling you of the wonderful day your baby has had at Kiddie Kradle. You will also have a phone number to call the classroom directly as well as a number to use after hours. We encourage you to communicate with us regularly to ensure that we are working together to provide the best possible care.

What you will find at Kiddie Kradle:

  • Individual eating and sleeping schedules based on parental preference
  • Constant, meaningful communication between children and teachers
  • Cozy areas for relaxation and quiet play
  • Separate but open nap room for peaceful sleep
  • Introduction to music education
  • Individual goal tracking for each child