School Age (After-School Program)

Kiddie Kampus provides a safe environment where your child can come after school, during school closing, and on half days and full days in our exciting summer program. After school, your child will be transported to the middle school where they will ride the Kiddie Kampus bus. The teacher comes to the middle school and rides to Kiddie Kampus with the children. This is done to ensure safety and security for our after-school children.

Upon arriving at Kiddie Kampus, the children have a nutritious snack, have an opportunity to get a jumpstart on homework, and engage in fun activities before heading home or to other activities.

Our school-age child care program offers students a fun environment with a variety of activities. Students can explore in our science center, develop their creativity in our art center, act and dress-up in our drama center, play on the outside equipment, or simply read quietly in our reading corner. We desire that each child reach individual goals physically, mentally, and socially. Children develop close friendships and learn social skills on the bus and in the classroom. Creativity and fun through learning is always encouraged.

Our Summer Program includes:

  • Exciting summer theme
  • Monthly field trips
  • Library visits
  • Local park visits (multiple times a week)
  • Use of the University gymnasium
  • Nature walks
  • Music classes