Find the perfect program for your child

At Kiddie Kampus our program is designed to offer each child the opportunity to explore, learn, and grow in an accepting and loving environment. Our program is based upon the philosophy that preschoolers learn best by doing. Learning for preschoolers involves thinking and experimenting to learn about their world. It is understood at Kiddie Kampus that each child has a unique way of exploring his or her world. With our focus on learning through play, children engage their imaginations, play with others, and explore the education basics that set the foundation for strong academic and personal success. We allow them to learn at their own pace and in the way that best meets their needs. We want them to feel good about themselves—to have a positive self-image, which will give them a
foundation for relationships and academics in their future.

Our curriculum focuses on these core areas each day:

  • Guided and unguided large and small motor development activity time
  • Social and imaginative learning through free play and group time
  • School readiness and self-image exploration through music, art, science, and academics

We are on a journey to excellence as we gradually prepare children to succeed throughout their lives.