Farm 1 (12 Months – 17 Months)

Farm 1 is the room where infants transition into a world of wonder and excitement, challenged by new toys, new routines, new foods, and new friends. A safe, nurturing environment awaits them as they explore, learn, grow, and of course, play. Activities are designed to cater to each toddler’s excitement and joy for life. Learning to walk changes everything! Learning to communicate through sign language and then actual words is a huge achievement in the life of a toddler.

The focus of our highly trained staff is on the whole child education philosophy. The program is designed around shared learning experiences that stimulate and challenge the toddlers daily. Teachers use teachable moments to encourage learning and independence through play, music, language repetition, fine and gross motor skills, and hands-on activities.

One-year-olds enjoy friendships with those their own age, and teachers work to help them develop social skills like being kind and helpful. They learn to share and prefer one another, a slightly difficult task for ones.

We feel it is important to be in constant communication with parents. Daily sheets are given to share the wonderful day they have had at Kiddie Kampus For the child to be successful and secure, we must partner with parents to accomplish the goals we set for each child. Early ones achieve milestones each day, and these are encouraged, noted for parents, and celebrated.