Farm 2 (18 Months – 2 Years)

As you walk in to the Farm 2 Room, you will immediately be greeted with a cheery “Hi” from the children and staff. Learning centers and shelves of toys surround you as children are busy at play. Art projects they have done, along with pictures of their families, give each child a sense of security and familiarity. The environment is nurturing and encouraging as children are guided with praise during their day at Kiddie Kampus. Our highly qualified teachers use teachable moments all day to encourage learning and independence, while each child explores using all their senses and abilities.

All of this sets the stage for a daily schedule of learning, exploring, and lots of playtime! Older ones are growing fast—they are getting ready to begin the learning processes they will find in the two-year-old room. Age-appropriate goals are set and teachers partner with parents to accomplish these goals. Their independence and confidence is growing, and they are becoming more and more curious about their surroundings and activities. They participate in music class with all the props and motions involved.

We begin the sand/water play at this age, and they enjoy the sensory experiences of both. Dramatic play also begins with the older ones. They love “cooking” and working at the “tool bench.” Dressing up with hats and props gives them the chance to pretend to be something other than what they are.