Ocean Room (3 Years Old)


Preschoolers love to explore through hands-on activities. In our Ocean Room we combine kindergarten readiness activities with a stimulating, creative environment. We recognize that the three-year-old needs to be engaged in learning and also nurtured at the same time. Within this safe environment, they can grow and thrive in all areas of their growth and development.

At this age, children require challenges, respond to motivation, are inquisitive, and crave praise. They are fine tuning their respect for others and are developing a sense of confidence in their accomplishments. They want to share all their life’s experiences and find an avenue to do so through emergent writing. They tell a story, the teacher writes it down, they draw a picture of it, then they tell their class about their story and picture.

In designated areas your preschooler will engage in various activities that will prepare them for their future including construction and design, dramatic play, free art, reading and listening, writing, math, and science. They are using their imaginations and developing their motor skills as they grow more independent each day. They are learning character training by seeing these patterns in the Bible.

Their day includes the following:

  • Learning Centers – bring educational themes to life and to give real life experiences
  • Circle Time – where they learn about their environment, read books, sing songs, social skills, pre-reading skills, and beginning academics
  • Music and Movement – integrated throughout the day provides enjoyment, mood changing events, and listening skills
  • Free Play – their best avenue of learning
  • Outdoor play – at least 30 minutes in morning and 30 minutes in afternoon
  • Lunch and naptime – time to nourish and rest their little growing bodies

Our threes are encouraged to work together, develop patience while sharing, and to use their creativity in the world around them.