Tony and Kathy Arnett | “We love Kiddie Kampus for the people—both the staff and the Kiddie Kampus families. The teachers love and care for our children as their own and our children are making friends with good kids.”

Jerry and Jessica Wiedenfeld | “Kiddie Kampus was very welcoming to my twin daughters and our family when we started in February 2013. The staff has gone above and beyond in getting to know my children, and they care for and truly appreciate our children's individual needs. The environment is so warm and friendly, and their teachers always care with a loving hand. My girls have learned and grown so much socially, emotionally, and academically. We feel truly blessed!”

Nancy Bauer | “As a pediatric occupational therapist, I know the extreme importance of quality daycare for children. Kiddie Kampus has exceeded my expectations. With its caring, compassionate, and knowledgeable staff and its clean state-of-the-art facility, Kiddie Kampus is the best daycare ever. I just love it, and my granddaughter loves it even more!"

Jennifer Coppes | “As a single mom, it is important to me that my daughter learn the same valuable biblical truths as I learned as a child. All of the staff go above and beyond to set the example for my daughter what it means to be a responsible child of God. We are so thankful for their amazing community daycare.”

Eric and Rachel Weiss | “Our family has been part of Kiddie Kampus from infant through 4K. Without Kiddie Kampus, we would not be a dual-career family, simply because we expect the best care for our children and they provide that. Because of the loving, educated staff and fantastic facilities, we are all able to grow and thrive

Bryan and Kayce Board | "Kiddie Kampus is more than just a daycare for our child; it is a second home. We know that our little girl is receiving the best care, coupled with a wonderful learning environment. It is comforting to know the daily lessons are on one accord with what we teach at home. Every Saturday and Sunday morning, I have a very upset little girl when she figures out it is not a "school day." From the teachers all the way up to the director, we know that our family is loved and cared about."

Michael and Monica Walrath | "When my son went through the K4 program with Mrs. C., he came out ready for kindergarten. Lilly, my daughter, was amazed by how well her brother could read at the end of his kindergarten year. My family loves going to Kiddie Kampus year after year. Another wonderful factor is the great convenience of working with the school busing system so that the kids can get from school to Kiddie Kampus. It's an immeasurable savings of time and money for a mom who works in Waukesha.