Forest Room (4-K Program)


The 4K program is the final step in preparation for Kindergarten. The quest still continues to prepare your child to be successful academically, socially, physically, and spiritually. We want the transition from 4K to Kindergarten to make it easy to be successful.  We have many fun activities to achieve these goals.

Our highly qualified teaching staff makes your child’s learning exciting by being positive, encouraging, and creative.  They will be in an environment rich in experiences, play, and education. The learning is taking place where they can feel valued, safe, and special.

A typical day includes a Bible story, counting in English and Spanish, letter recognition and phonics, writing, diversified art projects, and science experiments.  Music is integrated in almost every learning experience.  Communicating successfully, and working well both in groups and independently is emphasized in all parts of the day.  All teacher-child interactions provide teachable moments to guide and extend learning.

Our 4K teacher has a unique way of dealing with 4’s. She guides them to practice social skills, helping them to communicate and express feelings using their words.

We wish to cultivate a partnership with each family to accomplish education and training goals with their child. Because of this, you will be kept informed as to what is happening during your child’s day at KK and how your child is doing in all areas of development.

We praise character above achievement. As character is praised, children are motivated to develop strong character qualities which will result in better achievement.